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Monitor Archive for November 6, 1996

Town Puts $300 Price On Heads of Truants
Pakistan Democracy Reeling After Bhutto's Second Ouster
Dogfight Heats Up Over One-Size-Fits-All Fighter
Farm Communities in US Enjoy 'Period of Exuberance'
Winds of Change Blow Away Leftists
My Land, Your Land, Iceland
Dallas at Hub of Discontent Over Growing Airline Clout
An Impending Russian Coup? Nyet.
'Jehovah's Witnesses' Untold Story of Resistance to Nazis
Movin' On Up In Hong Kong
How Russia Runs Without Yeltsin
Do Lower Voter Turnouts Show Contempt? Or Contentment?
West's Response to Zaire Crisis Draws Suspicion in Africa
News In Brief
From Black Asphalt Streets To Amber Waves of Grain
Living in Limbo
Break the Cycle of Violence In Central Africa

How the Bible Begins
Looking for Harmony Where It Is
In Tibet, Will Glass Towers Bring Harmony?
Foreign Issues Tug At Next President
End the Mideast Stall
Etude d'automne (Autumn study)
It's a People Thing