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Monitor Archive for November 5, 1996

Rare Przewalski Horse Of Mongolia Returns Home
Latest US Export: Youth Gang Culture to Central America
Wisconsin Pit Opens a Wide Window On Early Midwestern Culture
Animal Name Game
Cities Refill Coffers With 'Stealth' Taxes
Hard on 'Soft Money'
Guatemala's Fighters Struggle To Turn Arms to Plowshares
Your Turn to Endorse
Daunting 'To Do' List Awaits Next President
How Republicans Hurt Themselves
Kids Have a Night Out at the Gym
Japan's Paternal Ways Are Back in Name Only
Education Notes
Critter Quiz
News In Brief
Mars Probe To Seek Signs of Life
World Wide Wagering?
Who's Who in Campaign Funds
Tough Terrain for Organic Cotton Growers
Index Funds in New Shapes and Sizes
Anxiety Has Driven This Year's Campaign
Cellular Phones: Latest Law-Enforcement Tool For Citizen Groups
Outfitting the Bobby of the Future Meets With Resistance in Britain
Gobi Desert: Land of the Unexpected
Dole and Clinton Stand A Generation Apart

A Way to Think About Loving