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Monitor Archive for November 4, 1996

Ex-Dissident Mayor Brings Renewal To Historic Budapest
Political Action
Merger of British, US Telecom Giants Could Create Global Rival to AT&T
Kids Need 'A Mix of Myth and Reality'
Refugees Scatter as Tutsi Rebels Overrun Aid Hub, With Rwanda's Help
Children Changing 'History'
Transcontinental Cheating
Black Churches Put 'Spirit' Into Children's Afternoons
Conspiracy Theory: Dressing Gossip Up Into Espionage
Who Will Benefit in Era Of the 'Unruffled' Voter
The Long Road to the Ballot Box
Poem for the Planet
New Jersey Lauds 'Contract With Trees'

Florida Leads States in Effort To Provide More Elder Care
Michael Jordan's Star Power Dazzles at Season Opener
Here's One for Record Book: Voters Admire These Politicians
Use It or Lose It
Minnesota Race Hinges On State's Liberal Identity
Need-Based Affirmative Action
Social Security: Beware of the Panic Peddlers
MTV Is Trounced by Savvy Rival in a Key Latin Market
On Being Half Lebanese, Half Italian, and All American
Washington State Battles Test the GOP's Revolution
Central African Conflict Pushes Giant Zaire to Brink
Cruise Ships Get Bigger - and Bigger
High Stakes on the Dakota Plains
Asset-Building: A City Mobilizes Around Kids
Handling Violence in Children's Literature
But Reform Is Needed and the Options Are Many
News In Brief
E. Europe Acts Like a Bloc To Win NATO Membership