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Monitor Archive for November 25, 1996

Ruling on Brown University Boosts Women's Sports Teams
The Thankless Task of Catching a Spy
Malraux Joins France's Pantheon of 'Great Men'
Yes, It's a Bargain For the Future

Open Up Your Bible
Court Trial in Germany Spells Trouble in Tehran
A New Spin Doctor Tries to Present 'Strong' Yeltsin as Warm and Fuzzy
No, It's Squandering On Imaginary Enemies
Uncovered by Bridge, But Hearty at Hearts
Religious Diplomats
Investors Cheer, Warily, as Stocks March Forward
Clinton, Lebed, and NATO
Ketchup Conquers All
Thousands of Hungry Refugees Trickle in From Zaire's Forests
Religion Bestsellers
US-China Copyright Rift: Easing?
Russia's Religious Revival
As APEC Host, Philippines Touts Free Trade
A Texas Hand-Wringer: Is Football Too Popular?
An Information Flak Jacket
Diving for Cover, Israeli Leader Talks of 'Unity'
Baby Boomers Reinvade the Student Union
Ode to Mustard
S. Carolina Flap Over Rebel Flag
Same Capitol Hill Leadership, But Markedly Different Tactics
Massachusetts Takes A Swipe at Tobacco And Gun Lobbies
News In Brief
Many Adults Go Back to School - to Learn to Teach
A Rebel With a Cause: Rwandan Puppet or Zairean Nationalist?