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Monitor Archive for November 18, 1996

More Parents Turn To an Old-Fashioned V-Chip: Themselves
Lessons on Diversity Get Diverse Reviews
Beyond Blame: Media Literacy At Work
Patronage Diplomacy
The Huang Probe
With New Zeal, France Screens Religious 'Sects'
Case Tests Limits of Quotas

The Rise and Fall of Dornan Shows Power of Latino Vote
Fleeing Hutu Fighters Left Key Papers Behind
A Little Deception Colors the Laundry
Germany's Probe Into 'Sects' Raises Religious-Freedom Issues
Lasting Peace in Bosnia: Test Case for US and World
Africa's Crisis Part 2:A Hutu-Tutsi DEtente
Superseding the Hollywood 'Ministry of Culture'
Musgrave Pushes Limits As He Reaches For Stars
The Many Conspiracies Of Crack Cocaine
The Restless Activity Of Congress in Recess
A New View of Genesis
Wind and Sun
News In Brief
Kudos for Greenspan As Fed Does Nothing
Child Kidnapping Tales Trace Class Hostility
In Bosnia: Fewer Troops, Big Job
Japan Promises a 'Big Bang;' But Some Say It Could Fizzle
Battles Over Media Violence Move To a New Frontier: the Internet
St. Petersburg's Message
Rapping In the Rain
Summit Leaders Split On Helping World's Hungry
For Most Minorities, Heads Still Bump the Glass Ceiling
'Space Jam' Entertains But Falls Short of Slam-Dunk
Home-Heating Costs Enter Era of Volatility