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Monitor Archive for November 13, 1996

GOP Spoke of Soccer Moms, Democrats Spoke to Them
British Battle Cry: Workaholics Unite!
Many Criminals Now Get Their Day in Specialty Court
News In Brief
It Beats a Dog Biscuit, but Isn't a Scone
Time to Take Sides in Zaire?
If Islam Says 'Have Babies,' The UN Says 'Let's Talk'
Fighters of Fascism Return to Spain, This Time as Heroes
Key Foreign Policy Players
Political Agenda of Zaire Rebels Stalls Food Flow to Refugees
Moves to Police the Police Gain Ground
Small Items From Small Towns Are Now Big Part of US Exports
NYC Commuters Ride Latest Wave: Ferries
Egypt Hopes Summit Will Attract Investors To Its Lively Market
A Window for Rescuing American Foreign Policy
'Refugees' to Canada Slip To US on Mohawk 'Trail'

Allegations of Sexual Abuse Spotlight Culture of Army
Summit Goal on Hunger Needs Bio-Breakthrough
Headed for Auction Block: Voltaire's Chateau
Texaco's Test
Stop New Liquor Ads Before They Start
Plumbing for Prosperity, Yemen Resurrects 2,700-year-old Port
Where Islam, Democracy Try to Mix
There's No Such Thing as a 'Typical' First Novel