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Monitor Archive for October 4, 1996

Beads and the Beam
Why Eastern Europeans Are Drawn to Sonora Desert
Art's Longing for 'Connectedness'
Florida's Plan For Hockey Education
The Lowdown On All Those Confounding Directions
New European Trend: Join the Picket Line
US Dollar Does Some Pushups, But Japan Has Lent a Hand
On Gulf War Syndrome, Pentagon Still Retreats

Middle East Talks Resume, But at Pace to Deliver Peace?
Dole's California Question
How US Voters Can Glean The Most From the Debates
How Fading Mideast Peace Hits Two Homes
Semantics and Zoology In America's Body Politic
Memory-Chip Prices Rebound a Little Bit After 80 Percent Drop
An Earlier Evasion of Fact: the M16
Tradition Is Topic At Art-Theology Hub in Berkshires
Sticky Business
How Fading Mideast Peace Hits Two Homes
Hockey Melts a Few Cold Shoulders
Family Film Guide
Baseball Strikes Out Again
Clinton Pardons Would Set A New Precedent
Furor Brewing Over Seagram Plan for More TV Liquor Ads
Hungary and Romania Get an Offer They Can't Refuse: Make Up or Else
A Hello to Arms
News In Brief
Plans for 'Super' Jails Provoke Ire in Ontario
Voters' Mood Remains Volatile
Davy Crockett Welfare
100,000 German Auto Workers Walk Out