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Monitor Archive for October 22, 1996

In Satellite TV, Cost, Dish-Size Shrink As Quality Improves
Pakistan Role in Afghan War Upsets Key General's Men
The Other Men Who Would Be President
Young Stars Shine at the Circus
First and Last Steps to Snuff Out Nuclear Tests
The Dipping Deficit
Smart Cards Dispense 'Cash' At Your Home
What Major League Soccer Lacks Is a Few Good (American) Men
Kids Learn to Save, Repay Loans
In Offbeat Town of America's Heartland, Character Counts
What's Behind the Discoveries That Won Nobel Science Prizes
Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo

Want Ad: Equal Opportunity
US Puts World Trade At Risk in Cuba Fight
News In Brief
The First Woman President
In Era of Sound Bites, Voters Reach for Their Truth Meters
Nicaragua's Bitter Election Fight Ends With Victor Asking for Reconciliation
Bosnia War Crimes Judge Talks of Quitting
Take Off What You Don't Need
Clinton and Drugs
How to Unscramble This Puzzler Of an Election
Needed: an Overall Mideast Policy
Soccer's Foul-Weather Fans
Science Notes
South Strives to Boost Jobless Workers' Skills
Black-White Divide Deepens Over the Thin Blue Line
Billionaire Briton Gets UK to Rethink EU Ties
Native Americans Challenge Park Agency for Land Rights
Parenting: Bring Your Pocketbook