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Monitor Archive for October 18, 1996

Dole's Ethics Charges Carry Few Volts With Voters
The Invasion of the Winged One
Alternative Energy Now
Want To Do Better in School? Try Listening to Mozart or Studying Monet
Pro-Islamic Premier Stays in Power, But the Future of Turkey Still Murky
Vital Signs of God
Yankee Fans Practice Their Bronx Cheers
An Underhanded Pass Saves the Football Season
Conn. Trial Highlights Problem of 'Date Rape'
Lebed's Sacking Unlikely to End Kremlin Intrigue
Telling It Like It Is: Kissinger and the Kurds
New Images, Air of Past Mark Nicaraguan Vote
Voters in a Mirror
Bernie Williams - the Yankees' Reluctant Superstar
American Flavor Spices Japan's Election: Pols With US Degrees Talk Issues, Not Pork
How to Reverse Rise Of Income Gap in US
Clinton Scurries to Avert Showdown With Saddam
When Mudslinging Was Muddier
Family Movie Guide
Florida's Froggy Fracas: Hunters Hopping Mad
Campaign-Finance Loopholes Widen

Funds From Afar
Japanese Master's Works Tour US
Aspirations of a Young Actress Play Out At Williamstown Theatre Festival
From Leader to Laggard: Motorola Sinks as Intel Soars
Old Marxist's New Tunes: Democracy, 'Ode to Joy'
News In Brief
Why Should Others Pay For Students' Benefits?
Cement Birds On the Birdbath