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Monitor Archive for October 17, 1996

Will Hikers Foot the Bill As Park Charges Climb?
Jay Leno Remembers Life Before the Ratings Race
Dole Game Plan Focuses Resources On Few Key States
Medi-Scare Tactics
Indulge in a Sweet Swiss Sensation
Autumn Poetry
Flipping the Coin of the Realm to Euro: a Sterling Idea?
What's On
Britain Set To Outlaw Handguns
Decisionmaking in a Bob Dole Presidency
Test Drive of the Euro in Germany Becomes a Coin Collectors' Race
News In Brief
Bestselling Fiction
Debate Escalates Over 'Living Wage' as Antipoverty Tool
World's Fairs Make the Leap to Cyberspace
The Ultimate Campaign Promise
Where Safety Lies
The Child In My Kitchen Isn't Julia
Japan Lets Politicians Use Haiku-Like Pitch on TV
Where Next for the Dow? Six Views on 6000
Canada's Once-Pristine North Tries to Curb Paper Mills' Waste
Reassessing America's Policy Toward Indonesia

Homeless in Santa Monica
To Curry Favor in India Debut, McDonald's Sells Maharaja Macs
Lone Star State Politicking Is Best Done in Dos Linguas
A Good Buy: Liberal Futures
Beirut Club Gives Guns a Sporting Chance
Family-Friendly Firms See Bottom-Line Benefit