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Monitor Archive for October 1, 1996

New Leaders Spearhead Move Away From State Ownership
Debate Uproar Shows No Sign Of Quieting
Its Opposition Hushed, Weary Armenia Accepts Vote Results
Eco-Gluttons? Not These Republicans
An Oasis for Pollinating Bugs
California's HMO Battle: Cost vs. Care
The Wild and Raw Beauty of Denali
The If, What, When Of the Debates: President Prevails
A Trip Into Jerusalem's Tunnel of Trouble
A Luxury Compact? Yes, for Canada Only
Making Your Lawn Mean, Lean, and Green
Churches Ask for Changes To Clean Up Kenyan Politics
CIA, Contras, and Crack
Latest Security Gizmos Would Challenge Agent 007
Bosnians in Germany Wonder, Worry, Wait
News In Brief
At Post Office Of the Future, Lots of Bytes But No Dogs
Recognizing the Poetic Value of Film
The News in Brief
New Air Safety System Takes Flight
Middle East Tunnel Vision
View of Immigration Law, As Seen From Golden State
Revival of Tibet-Style Buddhism Worries China
Peace Depends on Israel Returning Golan to Syria
War Hawks Begin Circling Middle East
Treasury's 'Inflation Bonds' Are About Safety, Not Big Gain
A Young Democracy In Mongolia Keeps A Wary Eye on China
Gambia Vote Could Bring Return of Aid
Padres, Once Aimless Wanderers, Now Seek Prize in Baseball Playoffs
Another Pan Am Rises
The Hardware Store: Its Stock and Trade Is Still a Good Story
Someone to Pray With You
Firsthand Experience, Secondhand Books
Candidates Cruise the Info-Highway
A Sower of Land Mines Pleads to End Them
Decoding Ancient Egypt
When Is a 'Contingency' By Any Other Name a War?
The Monitor Cartoon
Radicals Tug to Left, Labour Stays Centered
Aristide Sees Steps of Progress In Haiti Today
Israelis Fret Over Their Man 'Bibi'
Taiwan: Not Worth War But Well Worth Arming
Ballots From Teens in Germany Rock the Vote
The Vast and Varied Beauty of Mexico's Chiapas
104th Congress's Promise: Half Empty or Half Fulfilled?
World's Financial Leaders Tackle Surge in Bank Crises
A Powerful Barrier To Future Nuclear Tests
Get Peace Back on Track
Wrong Turn for Belarus
Georgia Contests Test What Pulls Votes: Race or Party?
No Paycheck Means Apples Under the Bed
Do You Hear God's Voice?
As Crime Shrinks Security Is Still Growth Industry
Tower of London Hits Pay Dirt
Letters to the Editor
Monitor Cartoon
Ad Hominem Ads
More than a Biography of a House, This Is Really the Story of Home