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Monitor Archive for January 8, 1996

All Is Well
English Woods in Words and Picture
News In Brief
The Boon and Burden Of Uprooting Oneself
London Stock Exchange Scrambles to Modernize
A Woman's Place Is Behind the Camera
Bosnia's Lack of Police Gives US Commander the Creeps
Face the Music at Polls, Japan's New Chief Told

Disputes Over Software, Census Top the Agenda In Key Week for Court
Federal Workers' Big Lament: Who Needs This Grief?
Pete Wilson: California's Comeback Kid?
It's the Year of the Truck At Detroit's Big Auto Show
How Successful Women Mix Work and Marriage
Revolutionary Compassion
GI Ivans Gear Up to Join Joes
A Serene Supper Served in the High Sierras
Waited For
Water Flows in Qaddafi's Pharaonic Project
Budget Ignition
Lamar Alexander's Blueprint for Action By Individuals
The Huff Over Teen Puffs
Inner-City School Wins With Chess
In West Africa, Creative Coifs Are Cool

Antimatter Happens, in European Lab
No More Mr. Nice Guy At Russia Foreign Desk?
Celluloid Dreams Nearing Reality Amid Eco-Opposition
Orphan Girls Not Abused, China Retorts
Act of Conscience or Party Politics?
Contemporary Black Fiction: Voices of Survival and Affirmation