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Monitor Archive for January 5, 1996

Where Kids Pay Price of War
News In Brief
Shutdown Fallout: No Checks in Kansas, No Gas in Embassy Cars
Memory and Mayhem Drive Gilliam's 'Twelve Monkeys'

Helping Kids in South Italy Look Beyond Bleak Poverty
Tiny Austria Retains Role As Gateway to East Europe
'I Believe in You'

American Foreign Policy Was Strong In '95, but Challenges Lie Ahead
This 'Empire' Strikes Out
Ideology Influences Corporate Downsizing
When Is a Budget Deal Not a Bargain?
How to Find What You Weren't Looking For
Watercolors Preserved From Light's Ravages
Real Men Don't Define Themselves
Sharing House With So Many Squirrels

The Government That Is Not There
Capital Gains Deal: Tax Cut for Rich, Or Economic Spur?

S. Africa Armsmakers Still Stiff-Armed by US Even After Apartheid
Bowls Recap: Huskers' Harvest; Soggy Citrus
Atlanta to Host Full House for '96 Olympics
Creation of a 'Jesus for the '90s' Touches Off Theological Debate
Exodus Mars Bosnia Peace
GOP History Favors Dole
Atlanta's Police Chief Strives To Polish Tarnished Troop Image
Remember Pearl Harbor
Out of a Ludlum Novel: How a Judge Winds Through Maze to Italy's Mafia

Moore Declines to Rest On Her 'Lauras'