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Monitor Archive for January 3, 1996

China Wary of Terms in Bid to Enter Trade Club
NAFTA Fallout Irks Workers Across America
Angola: After Decades of War, Bright Prospects
US Army Plays the Buffer in Bosnia

British Boarding Schools Fall on Hard Times
French Radio Quota Gives More Air Time To Native Artists
The Many Numbered Days of Fidel Castro
Traveling Through Denmark With Laughter as a Guide
Resolutions to Ring in the New Year
News In Brief
The World: '96 Model
Movie Industry Likely to Go on Diet
Who Deserves US Aid? Revising the 'Dominoes' List
Major's Party Strikes A Minor Key in Britain
Growing Up Outside of Time
Where a Red Flag Halts Adam Smith

No Room for Hate - Anywhere
Alternative Path to Settling Conflicts
NASA Seeks New Life - Its Own - on Mars
Sagebrush Rebels Take on Uncle Sam
A GOP Freshman Faces Public Scowl
Housing Shortage in China Dashes Dreams of Better Life
Really 'Must-See' TV