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Monitor Archive for January 29, 1996

Why Dole Looks Vincible To Rest of the GOP Field
Nigeria's Drug Traders Ply The 'Liberian Connection'

Islamic Family Values Simmer in a US Melting Pot
Keep Girls' Skills Above Ground
A Creative Family Satisfies A Daily Hunger for Poetry
For Child Soldiers in Liberia, Rehabilitation Is a Hard Road
Ladies Take Lead as Hollywood Musters More Strong Roles
Did You Hear the One About S. Africans Who Laugh?

Legal Eagles Use Egypt's Laws To Enforce Practice of Islam
Marathon of Bard Works Offers an Absorbing 'King Lear'
Flat Taxes and Fair Taxes
High Tech Tackles Dust and Dirt
Canada's Chretien Courts Quebec With Quebeckers
News In Brief
Keep the Federal Judiciary Out of the Budget Battle
Gender War Over Brunch: Junior League Shuns a Man
Sundance Ends On Emotive Note
Syrians Hope Peace Will Transform Economy
Fed's Rate Decision May Sway Economy - and US Election
Oregon Election Lab Tests Mail-in Ballot
Astronaut Corps Retains Its Allure But Hero Status Has Lower Orbit

Muslim Messages For Kids Now Come In American Packages
Propaganda Aftermath Puts Bosnia in Bind
Peeling a Rhyme

The Correct View
Alabama Faces Up To Racial Roots, Puts Selma on the Map
In Western Society, It Takes A Mosque to Raise Muslim Family
Nuptial Bliss for Barbie and G.I. Joe Snags on Reluctance of the Groom