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Monitor Archive for January 25, 1996

Gathering Together: How 12 Churches Fared Over Five Decades
Familiar Phrases as You Have Never Known Them
What to Know Before You Go
Christian Science 'Web Site' Added

Michelangelo Statue 'Found' on Fifth Ave.
Traditional or Exotic, Chili Is a Sure Winner
CIA Joins Trend of Openness
Apple Computer Needs New Shine; Sun Reported Ready to Do the Job

Congress Steps Off Sidelines in Sports Flap
Co-opting GOP Ideas, Clinton Plays New Role: The Great Conciliator
Death by Firing Squad Under the Gun
Wildly Popular Smashing Pumpkins Hosts Atypically Low-Key Show
To Dole, Clinton, TV Is A Cash Cow, Not a Vision
Germany Turns Trash Into Matter of Manners
Charles J. Fox
A Colorado Skier's Excellent Adventure
In Haiti, Trash on Streets Becomes the Norm
Tokyo Homeless Get Booted, A Sign of Japanese Unease
GOP Won't Be Waiting for November
Worried US Work Force Emerging as Political Force
Britain May Sideline IRA Arms Issue With Vote in N. Ireland
A Moral Force First
Restating the Case For Family-Friendly Feminism
Candidate Lugar
Finding the Perfect Word For the Perfect Page ... ... to Fill the Perfect Book
Author Embraces New Definitions of Feminism
Chicago Futures Markets Under Pressure to Merge
Is Big Government Over?
Which Windows? Product Line Gets Blurry at Microsoft
Fellow Flyers Make Fast Friends At 40,000 Feet
Latin-America Policy: Some Proposed US Steps
Big Surveillance Project For the Amazon Jungle Teeters Over Scandals
Saving the Game
News In Brief
Spiritual Energy
Subsidized Child Care Proves Harder to Find
What Happens After the Season Is Over?