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Monitor Archive for September 7, 1995

The Budget and the Veto
The Grace Of Schooling A Child
Alaska Becomes Test of Wills On Federal Land Policy
Danes Find Ideas Abroad For Their Highly Original Art
Stanzas Spun From Inspiration
3,000-Year Gala Raises Row: Who Owns Jerusalem?

A Friendship Bridges Town's Racial Divide

Organizing Foreign Policy
Overhaul of US Tax System Pushed With Tea-Party Zeal
Quarrel Over Book Airs Currency Concerns In European Union
Trying to Rediscover The Lost Boundaries Of Public Taste
How Peace Grows Despite Ulster's Stalemate
News In Brief
Mrs. Clinton Sparks Activist Fury at China
Sea Boils, Nations Protest, Paris Shrugs After Atoll Test
To Emily
For Colette Fans, Museum Is a Must
Is a Mirror The Place to Look?
NATO's Little War In Bosnia Targets A Big Serb Chief
Tiny, Exotic Zanzibar Roars for Power
Make Way For Nopal, A Tasty, Prickly Pear Delight
Thai Leaders Stuck in a Jam
Chicago's Top-Down School Plan
A Lesson for Mother On the First Day of School
NAFTA Spotlights Cleanup Concerns
Tethering the Economy Is All in a Day's Work for Fed
Rock-and-Roll Is (Really) Here to Stay
Beowulf in the Boardroom: Executives Ponder Poetry