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Monitor Archive for September 6, 1995

Zarfs, Tangs, and Bibcocks - Words for Everyday Widgets
Dolphins of War Seek New Jobs And Cleaner Waters
Savor to Clare
Microsoft Faces Hard Part
Next Steps After Beijing Laid Out by the Numbers
Why Georgia (the Country) Tries to Act Big for Its Size
Political Math Favors Dole Over Clinton
South African Pooches Pursue Their Pedigrees
Economic Progress of Burma Bumps Against Junta's Politics
Giving Oneself the Gift of Wings
Retiring Politicians Leave Democratic Void
An Indispensable Man Tries To Plug Guns Aimed at Him
Bestseller Lists Bind Industry In Controversy
Rwanda's Refugee Crisis
News In Brief
Bear Attacks Force Alaska Joggers To Find Safer Ways to Exercise
Labor Department Honors Employers' Family-Friendly Policies
Don't Cut Population Funding
Clinton Chides China, Wows Women
West Sticks To Big Stick With Serbs
Unfinished Revolution
Bomb Fallout Over France
New Kind of Virus Riles Fanfare for Windows 95
New, Genuine Leaders in Africa
Portraits of China's Changing Face
Mayors to Congress: Don't Snip All Purse Strings
Science Leads Physicists to Speculate On Creationism

Not Enough Time?
Germany Embraces The Broadway Musical
A Long, Hot Summer of Peace
Charges of Racism Put Police Forces on Firing Line