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Monitor Archive for September 20, 1995

Girls Just Want to Have Rights
'Theremin' Plays Instrumental Role In Music History
Confronting Political Manipulation

News In Brief

Gingrich's Misguided Drug Plan

Edgy Whites Still Fleeing S. Africa
To Read or Not to Read That Blockbuster.....
Death Sentence for Teenage Maid In Arab Court Raises Cry of Protest
New York City May Sell Radio Stations to Foundation, Judge Says
Credit Mexico for Staying the Right Course
In Key West Bank Town, Two Religions Rub Raw
Stirring Contemporary Requiem Gets Revival
GOP Crams For Final Exam On Capitol Hill
King Kong & Hong Kong
Humans Versus Raptors: Round 2 of Crichton's Saga
A City Creates Jobs on Abandoned Lots
Girls Tell TV Programmers: 'It's Time for a Reality Check'
PBS Is Bowed But Unbroken In Budget Battle
Oh, the Irony: Bowie Upstaged By an Angry Young Rebel
To Rescue Algeria
Proverb after Dorothy Day
Fresh Cross-Channel Competition Delights Travelers, Hurts Chunnel
Dining High As a Lonesome GI
Ethics of Publishing Terrorist Tracts
Kyrgyz Brokers Dream Of a Trading Frenzy
Where World's Crooks Go To Do Their Dirty Laundry
Exotic Animals Thrive In African 'Jurassic Park'