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Monitor Archive for August 30, 1995

Cleanup of 'Dirty Little Wars' Demanded in Latin America
Legal Battle Over Church Government
Despite Attacks, US Aims to Set Bosnia Deal
Friendless? Never!
What's a Roller Rink Without An Organist?
Chilean Painter Attempts to Mend the Past Through Art
'Quad' Skaters Roll On in Syracuse
Rwandan Troubles Made Worse by a Shake-Up
Remember, It's Women
Duty and Danger in the Pacific
Scouting Out Zanzibar
Families Of Victims In Brazil Might Get Cash, Not Justice
News In Brief
Megamergers Signal an End To Mom-and-Pop Bank Era
Trouble in Shangri-La
Her 'Half of the Sky'
Clinton Could Break Logjam In N. Ireland's Anxious Truce
Huge Fans Tapped To Beat Olympic Heat
Temperance Movement Hits College Dorms
Plenty to Gnaw On at Edinburgh Festival

Rush to Burn Coal Turns China Into Asia's Polluter
Boston School Case Tests Racial Quota Issue
Low Wages in Thailand Despite Rapid Growth
Mexico Looks to President For Hint of Economic Relief
Zanzibar Island, Gem of Arab Decor, Tries to Restore Heyday
Boorish Parents, Boorish Children