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Monitor Archive for August 21, 1995

American Initiative in Bosnia Stymied by Loss of Envoys
Powell, Bradley, Perot, Ike
Long-Distance Scams Irk Consumers
Mop-Up of Giant Oil Spill Lags
How Safe Is Airplane Software?
Garden Gnomes Lend Life To an Ordinary Lawn
News In Brief
To Hear and Follow Our Shepherd's Voice
Grabs for Empire Cast Shadows Over Peace

Laying a Nest Egg For Public Television
Summer Sans the Central AC
Beijing Tries to Beat a Rap Worse Than the Big Apple's
Golden State Seeks Change In Political Business as Usual
Litefoot Inspires Pride in Indian Heritage

Faulkner's Battle Ends, But War Continues
Chechnya Accord Stumbles On
Turning Youthful Ideals Into Useful Careers
Mexico's Ruling Party Strives to Stay on Top
Dole Takes Hit In 'Important' Early Iowa Poll
HUD, Houston in High-Noon Standoff
British Conservative Seeks a Remake Of Himself in the Image of Newt
England's Tower Guards Told Time Is Running Out
Football, Virgil, Gracefulness: Lessons From a Wise Coach

Americans Say What Makes a Hero
Leaving Canada: Separatists Crank up the Heat in Quebec
The Endless Innovations In Japanese Postwar Art