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Monitor Archive for July 26, 1995

Hungarians Struggle To Phone Home
S. Korea May Send More Food to the North
Revolution Reversal: Public Lands to Private Hands
In a Land That Suffered a War Over Land, Fightin' Words Are Heard Once Again
Serbs Try to Beat UN Pullout With a Final Push in Bosnia
The Black-Billed Bird Who Tickled My Fancy
The News From Cuba
The Computer Age - Glitches and All
Threat of Wheat War Riles US-Canada Scene
Ethnic Cleansing by Bulldozer? Islamic Sudan Ousts Non-Arabs
As the Water
Media Feel Economic Climate's Cold Winds
A Place of Honor For Everyone In the Family
Sup to You
A Robust Gingrich, Flush With Confidence, Takes the Floor
As 1997 Nears, Hong Kong's British Firms Start to 'Sino-fy'
Church Worker Wonders If He Can Stay
US Remembers Its 'Forgotten War'
Made Infamous in FBI Waco Raid, CS Tear Gas Hovers at Legal Fringe
News In Brief

Historic Context Lends Brilliance To Monet's Works
The Computer Age - Glitches and All
West Quibbles on Airstrikes, Serbs Move on 'Safe Areas'
World Population Is a US Problem
States Contest Cuts to Nuclear Cleanup
The Rise of the 'Zine'
Leadership Search
Outback and New Market Needs Challenge Australian Cattleman
Chicago Showers Attention On Elderly to Counter Heat
Unofficial Routes to Freedom
Polish Free Market Thrives As Communist Relics Fade
Toshiba Buys Intel Desktop Computers
Control in the classroom
Perseverance: It's Natural!
Waco Hearings Still Digging For Serious Political Pay Dirt