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Monitor Archive for July 19, 1995

Stalin Slept Here - You Can, Too
Hope in Sarajevo Fades As Serb Army Advances
California Taxpayers Get a Detailed Peek At Where Bucks Stop
Noteworthy Surprises
Sudan Plays 'David' to US 'Goliath'
Every Nation Needs a Rock
Diamond Monopoly Can Cut All Comers
A Timeless Day at the Shore
'Renegade' Russia Wants a New Diamond Deal With De Beers
Pastors Get Refresher Course On 'Reaching Out'
War Boots
No Evil In God's Government

'Gentle' Canada Eyes Death Penalty Again
Portraits Of President And Mrs. Bush
Republicans Want to Swap 1040 Form for a Postcard
'All in the Family' With a Twist: Jane Jr. Succeeds John Sr. as Boss
'Uncle' Radovan's Past
Bosnia Threatens to Spill Into Presidential Politics
Age of Affirmative Action Enters the Era of Overhaul
Mother-Daughter Business Team Likely to Become More Common
Nigeria at a Crossroads
News In Brief
Rethink on Subway Safety After Round of Wrecks
Tennessean Tries to Make His Point to Public
Kremlin Tries to Squelch A Television Satire of Yeltsin
Peanut Farmers Nuts Over Subsidy Cuts
Activists for Civil Society In Russia Fade Into Woodwork of Daily Life
A New Tack on Bosnia
Zulu Divisions and the Future of Democracy in South Africa
Inflation Down but Many Lose Jobs in Argentina