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Monitor Archive for July 17, 1995

Pray Before You Say
Israel Split Over Who Rules the Holy Lands
Vancouver Schools Rise to the Challenge of Increased Immigration
Annuities Attract More Than $1 Trillion
Congressional Drive to Cut Red Tape Is Becoming Sticky
Northern Ireland Finds Reasons For Peace After Riots by Both Sides
America Can't Afford to Offer Open Arms Or Cold Shoulders

America Can't Afford To Offer Open Arms or Cold Shoulders
A Muzzled Opposition In Burma Takes Heart
Sri Lanka Asks Its Army To Tame Tamil Tigers
A Creative Kid Turns Child's Play Into More Than Fun and Games
Iraq's Hussein Raises Eyebrows by Freeing American Hostages
Russians Fight A Cold War With Faucets
Deregulating America
What Qualifies as 'Made in USA'? New Balance Fights for Its Sole

Congressional Drive to Cut Red Tape Is Getting Sticky
'Home Alone' Laws
The Cold War's Pattern Emerges
A Boys-School Alumnus Ruminates on the Girl Debate

Seeking New Jobs After the Pink Slip
Wilson Tries On Two Hats, But Many Criticize the Fit
Clinton on Religion, Values, and Schools
News In Brief
Bosnian Government Forces Take Defense in Own Hands