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Monitor Archive for June 14, 1995

Peres: From Arms Dealer to Statesman
Britain Ponders Its Melting Pot After Riots by Group of South Asians
Nature vs. NAFTA: Death Of Birds Provides First Test
News In Brief
Bhutto Government Combats Terrorism
Japanese Stock Prices Hit By Forecasts of Recession
Berlin's Jewish High School Teaches Tolerance to All
Cubans Try to Recall 'Lights as Bright as Rio'
Luxury of a Welfare State Falls to Hard-Knocks Reality
'Rites of Passage' in London Purports to Identify End-of-the-Century Art
'Soft-Landing' Engineers
Towns Demand Companies Bend To Visual Identity
Mandela's Unkept Promise Riles Zulus in South Africa
Save the Melting Pot
Pioneering Israeli Reaches Out to the Diaspora
Court Swings Right With Activist Beat
Doubts About How United Perot Group Is Standing
Will Cost of Cable TV, Calls to Mom, Go Up?
Rich Nations May Pass Hat To Avoid Another 'Mexico'

Black Renters Face Housing Hurdles
No Money for Schooling?
World Still Needs a Helping Hand From the US
And Tulip Tops, Too
Finns Flop Between Europe and Russia
Postwar Alliances: Still Crucial
A Stranger Comes Home To a Little Spanish Village
Put families first
The Music Of Love Awakens A Family
Ontario's New Premier Takes Leaf From GOP
The Pataki Revolution Is Slowly Taking Hold
After Four Centuries in Finland, Gypsies Still Live on the Fringe
Bhutto Government Combats Terrorism
As World Cops, GIs Walk Thin Legal Line