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Monitor Archive for June 12, 1995

The World's Most Wanted Man Captured, but His Cartel May Live
Teaching Children With Gentle Nudges
'15 Minutes of Fame' Following Warhol's Path
Japan Unleashes a New Weapon
Early-Music Celebrants Promenade to Boston
Woodwork by Any Other Name
French Find Their Own Heros in Bosnia
The Northwest's Showdown: Murrelets vs. Millworkers
West's Wavering Lets Serbs Dictate
Affirmative-Action Politics
News In Brief
In Russia, Holiday's Just Another Word for Confusion

Dixie States Push Prayer As a Class Act
Why Irving Wilens Just Bought a Lexus
Don't Erase 'Voting Rights District' Lines
Cuba's Capitalist Mini-Revolution Taking Root
Japan's Glance at the Past
'Good Works' Investing Also Good for Pocketbook
'Religious Equity' Goes Far Beyond Classroom Prayer
PBS Not 'Family Values' Culprit
Fantasia in F Minor for Four Hands
Produce Electricity That is Safe to Environment
Traffic-Snarled and Smoggy, Athens Cleans Up
Hunger in Cuba: A Problem That Doesn't Officially Exist
Refugees Numbers Rising, But World Hospitality Falls
Sinless Man