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Monitor Archive for May 9, 1995

The Contract: Still Rolling
The French President's Cultural Legacy
Philippines Turnaround
Hubble Telescope Uncovers Surprises in Solar System
Radical Groups of '60s, '90s Decry FBI Eyes
Despotism on Trial in Malawi
News In Brief
The Soft Old Toy And the Boy Who Loves It
A Political Embrace in Angola Gives Rise to Hope for Peace
Why Affirmative Action Is Needed Now More Than Ever
Congress Bones Up on Medicare Debate

New Era of Electronic Snooping Draws Static
My Fabulous Evening With Ginger Rogers
Clinton Gets Boost From Whirlwind Of Issues at Home
The Pet-Store Puppy That Became My Best Pal
Conversation With Sue Miller
When It Comes To Computers, They Speak Different Languages
Baseball Players And Fish Are Naturals At Math and Physics
Argentina's 'Disappeared': A Painful Chapter Reopens
US, Japan Dispute Over Auto Parts Goes Bumper to Bumper
Gasoline Guzzlers Beware: Summer Fuel Prices to Soar
America's Blue-Collar Blues: Is More Job Training the Answer?
Rodent's Role as Rain-Forest Protector
Epiphanies of Self-Awareness
Peace in Yugoslavia Could Hinge on Serbs in Croatia
My Shadow
Museum of Modern Art Hosts Atmospheric French Films
Protestors Ring a Warning Bell Over Northern Ireland Peace Talks
France's New Leader, Chirac, Takes On 'National Tragedy'
GOP Is Poised to Snip UN Purse Strings
The Right Tool for the Job