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Monitor Archive for May 16, 1995

Ancient Mayas Make Modern History
Japan Media Berated for Cozy Ties With Police in Probe of Gas Attack
Dear General Powell: Please Enter the Race
Sailing With New Zeal
Russia to US: Don't Shun Our High Tech
For Pro-Basketball Scouts, Finding Players Is a Fine Art
Telephone Companies Forge TV Alliances
Terrorism's Sponsors Aim at Mideast, US
Murdoch Ruling Stretches Meaning of 'Public Interest'
Jiggle a Computer Mouse: Find a Good Job
Chivalry at the Chessboard
A Walk Into the Dark
GOP Draws Line in the Soil On Farm Subsidy Program
Veteran Nuclear Inspector Hits NRC on Safety Reviews
News In Brief
Magnetic Bearings Promise Fewer Trips To the Mechanic
Rebuilding Russia Helps the US

Dollars and Sense of the Simpson Trial
Cuban Refugees Swap Rafts For Cruise-Ship Deck Chairs
Free Fall? Or Safe in God's Care?
Buster Keaton's Comedic Exploits Arrive on Video
Two Favorite Sons for One Kansas Town
Balance the Budget First
Making the Prom a Night of Promise: Teens Learn to Celebrate Sober
China Tests Nuclear Device -- As Well As World's Resolve
Critic Charges Some Airlines With Bogus Sales on Flights