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Monitor Archive for May 15, 1995

Lawn Mowers And the Likeness Between Father And Son
Violence Pushes Japan To Dig for More Order
Deft Actors Keep 'Crimson Tide' Afloat
It's All a Song and Dance
Small Missouri Town Reclaims Its Downtown -- and Its Pride
A Book That Should Help Investors Be Smarter
Five Communities Are Rewarded For Revitalizing Their Main Streets
Study Finds Electric-Car Batteries Are Possible Pollutants
All Wet on Wetlands
Jerusalem Land Seizure Jostles Israel-PLO Pact
News In Brief
Now the Fight Over the Right Budget Balance
China Vexed By US Push For a 'Shield' Against Nukes
Just Don't Park Your Lincoln Anywhere Near This Cattle Drive
Fight Oppression in Burma By Refusing to Do Business
Japan's Investments in US Lose Jewel-Like Lustre
Does Defense Industry Really Need 'Welfare'?
Brotherhood of Serbs Falters for Croatia's Rebels
Sales Tax Would Reduce Buying Power
Science and Health: A Gift by the Sea
Rio Grande Water Shortage Hits Both Sides Of Border
Bush and the NRA
Emerging Markets Tempt Investors
Carrying the Future On One Strong Arm
Glitter Meets Grunge As Hollywood Stars Descend on Seattle
A Yankee Independent Governs Maine
National Trust Tries to Stay Behind the Times
Religion Comes First in the Bill of Rights