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Monitor Archive for April 27, 1995

Chicago Airport Flap Highlights the Tensions Between Cities, States
Gov. Racicot: Rising GOP Star in the Big Sky State
Remembering Ginger
For Oklahoma City And the World
The Rush to Blame Islam in Bombing
For One Man, War's End Was Trivial Next to His Travails
A Northern Officer's Advance on Saigon
News In Brief
Sri Lanka's Crumbling Colonial Charm
Life in the New South Africa: Racial Strife Slowly Easing
Observing the Observer
A Personal Rift At Time Magazine That Went Public
PDA Could Follow Path of PC

The Clink-Clink of Leg Irons Signals Return to Harsh Era
Affirmative action: a success story
Attack by Basque Separatists Fails As Support Dims for Terrorists
How Order Prevails in Bomb Chaos
Next, a $200 Haircut? Yeltsin Taps a Spin Czar
Caught Between Two Warring Armies
Simple Delights of Doodling
Iowa Poverty Conference Brings Rural Plight to Light
Tips for Travelers
A New York Restaurant's Daily Special Is Dignity
A Respite but 'No Mercy' for Chechens
With Italy's Voters, Left Gets It Right
The Rush to Blame Islam in Bombing
Anger on the Ariwaves
Quest to 'Bomb-Proof' Buildings
How Vietnam Remembers Its `American War'
Traveling Back, After Years
Trying Terrorists Takes Toll On Arafat's Drive for Peace
Ropa Vieja (Latin American Pot Roast)
Brazil's President Hobnobs in the US To Lure Investors
Yitzhak Rabin's Juggling Act
Transylvania Goes On-Line With Internet
Rwanda Revisited
History's U-Turns Can Be The Best Guide to Present, Future
US Should Give Brazil Same Importance as Mexico
Nonproliferation: Now a Workable Idea
A Yearning To Put the Past Behind
Man Meets Nature: Landscape As a Creation of Culture