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Monitor Archive for April 17, 1995

Life and Action Originate in God
Nations Tussle Over Bottling Nuclear Genie
Archaeologist Finds Replica Of Jerusalem Temple
Chicago to Launch New Stock Exchange
Uncle Sam to Manage D.C.'s Money
Palestinian 'Brothers' Pitted Against Each Other
Turkey Teeters as Islamists Challenge Old Secularism
Settlers and the Future of Gaza
Top Award to Japanese Architect
Indecent Liasons: The US And Guatemala's Army
We're Not Mexico, Brazil Chief to Tell US
Why One Turkish Woman Dons a Scarf
Living Up to 'Little Women'
Nondeductible IRAs Can Build Up a Sizable Nest Egg
At Waldorf It's Beef, Shrimp, And a Lot of Campaign Cash
Thais Target World Trade In Child Sex. But police enforcers get little support from government
The Price of Exclusion
Big Bucks for Kids
Bad-Hair Stories And Snippets to Save

Beyond Form 1040
Making It the People's Court
Has EBRD Revised Its Gucci Ways to Aid Ex-Communist States?
Neil Simon's 'London Suite' Cruises On Autopilot
Robert McNamara Faces History and Himself on Vietnam
Gun Case May Trigger More Product Suits

News In Brief
Canada Reels In a Deal With EU Over Fish Take