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Monitor Archive for April 11, 1995

Clinton Faces Wrath of Left And Right on Racial Hiring
From the Editor

Walls Rise Higher Around Israel
Grateful Peruvians Give Fujimori a Lopsided Win
Recycling Old Computer Disks Makes a Business, Trims Trash
Silly Squirrel Acrobatics
Chicken Livers and Fresh Truffle Salad
Don't Be Afraid of Bullies!
Assessing Science's Part In a Good 'Earth' Policy
Dole Declares
Capitalist Weapon Is Wielded in the War To Clean Up Moscow
To a Squirrel At Kyle-Na-Gno
News In Brief
Coming Soon: Dueling Big Shots
To Preserve Earth's Biodiversity, Study The Sea's Web of Life
Japan Seeks Means To Stop Yen's Rise
On the Hunt for Elusive Truffles
Book Links Winner Of 1950 Pulitzer Prize To Communist Party
For Canada, It's No More Mr. Nice Guy As Flap Over Fish Brings Out Tough Side
Indonesia Can't Silence Independent Labor Group
Ex-Communist Party That Built Berlin Wall Tries to Build Bridges
The Gaza Bombings
Cost-Saving Steps Ahead for Social Security
Soviet Archives Detail How US Communists Aided USSR
Ben Crenshaw Calims Emotioal Victory At Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta
Seven Steps Toward Saving The Troubled Korean Deal
John Wayne, The Internet, and The Cyber-Pilgrims
Gingrich's 100 Days: He Won't Say 'No'
One-Woman Show in Turkey Faces Key Deadline to Join European Union
In Search of the Stradivarius Sound
Squirrel Fact