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Monitor Archive for April 10, 1995

Jefferson in Peril
A Silk-and-Gun Karachi Stymies Bhutto
International Mutual Funds Pummeled in First Quarter
When Governors Talk, and Act, Like CEOs
Leak at Nuclear Plant Raises Concern
The CIA and Guatemala
More Amtrak Cuts Equal Leaner, Meaner Service
Conflicts With Soviet Roots
The Detachable 'Dis' Word
Picasso Prints Offer Solace And Sympathy
Instant Portfolio Diversity: Buy International Stocks
Nuclear Workers May Be Picked by Plants
Once-Violent Soweto Plants Seeds of Peace
Guatemala Case Likely To Spur New CIA Scrutiny
BOB DOLE: A Character Out of Shakespeare Goes for the Big Stage
Reflecting the Patience Of Our Patient God
Pulse of America: What Is This Contract, Anyway?
Judge Brakes 'Motor Voter'
Why Eisenhower Halted at the Elbe
Should 'Gifted' Get Special Education Track?
Acrobatics and Comedy Wow New York Audiences

News In Brief
A 'New Vision' of Elementary Education

Many Atlantans Don't Consider This Spring Rite Very Peachy
Gun Merchants Seek Profit in Mideast Peace
Scholars Flip Their Wigs Over Film's Portrayal of Jefferson in Paris