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Monitor Archive for March 29, 1995

Australia's Chief Rides Herd On Nation Altering Direction
Goals of Aid to Eastern Europe Should Be Specific
The Deerstalker That Won't Disappear
Cuts Stir New Wave Of Student Protests
Freeing Iraq's Prisoners
An excerpt from ''Northanger Abbey,'' by Jane Austen
Religious Zeal Drives Afghani Youth Army To Swift, Dubious Win
Slow, Steady Progress in Haiti
Bangkok Plugging Into Electric Taxis
Free Lunch Lures Hispanics to School
Can 'Nice' Be Nice When It Isn't Precise?
At the Oscars, an Honest Man Wins
Clinton's May Summit
Scouring London For Danger Mouse
Another Mexico? Venezuela on the Verge
Goals of Aid to Eastern Europe Should Be Specific
Nigeria's Dictator Could Sink a Continent
US Faces the Crude Facts On Foreign Oil Imports
Putting Out a Contract on Truants
Clinton Grapples With How Firmly To Hug Yeltsin

Krakow Scrubs Layers of Soot, Decades of Central Planning
Three Years After Rio, World Tries to Chill Out
Words of Note
Insurance Firms Ask If Global Warming Swells Disaster Rate
Britain's Burghley House: Not Your Ordinary Country Home
The 'Sufficient Guide' and Its Invaluable Interpreter!
US Tries to Clean the Air In a Megacity Spewing Lead Fumes to Millions
Some Second Thoughts About Latin Free Trade