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Monitor Archive for March 27, 1995

Petty and His Heartbreakers Deliver No-Frills Classic Rock; Chieftans Prove Irish Mettle
A Boating Adventure Dockside
Won Over By My Resident White Belt
US lawmakers study the art of firing yourself
A US Envoy Learns How To Dance With Warlords
Can Creativity Survive Hollywood's Money Quest?
Armed With Net Cutters, Canada Tries Talks With Spain in Fish War
Parents Contest Inclusion on Child-Abuse Registries
Nothing Tastes Quite Like Mom's Home Cookin'
Awards Ceremonies, New Faces Mark Springtime Arts Calendar
Crime Hits Home for Mexico's President
Now, Corporate Welfare
California's Term Limits: Case Study for US Reform
Where Smart Shoppers Shop For Mom's T-Bills
For Palestinian Women, Arafat's Pals-Only Rule Won't Do
Captives of Flawed Justice Systems
Tables Turn in Bosnia As Oil-Shy Serbs Suffer In Muslim-Led Offensive
Who'll Look After Little Clara?
Rwanda Copes With Babies of Mass Rape
Speaking Out on Nigeria
American PC Makers Shake Japanese Market
Bickering in Britain Among Conservatives Pounds the Pound
Don't mock Earth Day by weakening laws that protect air, land, water
Cost-Risk Analysis: An Opening or a Wall?
Help Wanted: Shortage Of Workers Hits South
The Push for Pennywise EPA Laws
A 'Quiz Show' Scandal for '90s
For a Purer Atmosphere
News In Brief