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Monitor Archive for March 21, 1995

Fiscal Collision Course
Spring Thaw In Job Market Encourages College Grads
Japan Hunts for Culprits In Tokyo Subway Attack

A Mother and Daughter Soar With Strong Wings
Oratorio Honors Walt Whitman
News In Brief
Under God's Protection

Closing Out the Castro Era
Deep-Water Seawolf Sub Runs Silent But May Run Aground in Congress
Kasich Stars in GOP Drama: Honey, I Shrunk Government

Can Lugar Campaign Get Off the Ground?
Improve the Welfare Bill
GOP Tax-Cut Plan Faces Opposition In Its Own Ranks
New System Fights Crime By Fingerprinting Guns

Sonar Smarts: Monitoring Machines In a Sounder Way
Maoist Guerrillas Meet Their Match In Peru's Villages
US Debate: To Russia With Aid?
Regulatory Reform Needs More Carrots And Fewer Sticks
Philippines' Communists, Losing Enemies, Keep the Faith

Computer On-line Services Wonder Which Way to Go
Europeans Put Ethics Issues At Top of Biotech Agenda
Elementary English For Novices in a New Land
Remembering Selma 1965