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Monitor Archive for March 2, 1995

Horace Pippin Conveys Compassion On Canvas
Strategy on Affirmative Action
Words of Note
Property Rights Becomes Hot Battle

New York Restaurants Slated to Become Smoke-Free
Sinking Lira Putting Italians in the Soup
Sun City in S. Carolina Symbolizes Shifting Retiree Migration Pattern
The Case Of the Lost Luggage
Tales of Replacement Players: The Best Shot at Big Leagues
A City Restaurant for the '90s
Afghanistan's Long Civil War Shaken Up by Islamic Purists
Time for the `Haiti Gambit' Against Saddam
Racial Slurs Spotlight Historical Biases in US
Preparing for Easter
Stand By - the Future Is Here
Models of Tolerance for Massachusetts Youths
A Modest Proposal to Balance the Budget
Vinyl Records Are Suddenly Hip Again
Serendipity in the Big City
Italy's Spaghetti Politics Untangle Strand at a Time
Things That Shine In Quebec City As the Sun Falls
John Hughes's `Hollywood' Has a Chicago Backdrop
A Federal Food Fight
Mexican Assassination Arrest Reveals Ruling Party to Be a House Divided
Latin America's Longest Guerrilla War Tries a Short Cut
A Prodigy's Quest For Self-Determination
News In Brief
Why Balanced-Budget Debate Stymies Senate
Some US Towns See Profits, Not Losses When Bases Close
Derivatives: Not Always a Dirty Word
If Citizens Will Butt In
US Says Yeltsin Still an Economic Reformer