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Monitor Archive for March 15, 1995

Californians Pick Up After One of Worst Storms of Century
Israel's Window for Peace Is Closing Fast
Expansion of EU, NATO May Stumble on Slovakia
Let Them Go Outside!
A Jewish Revival Quietly Takes Root in Poland
A Blurry 'Social Summit'
Sacred Cow Is Ditched By British Labour Party
A Step Back in Time Along Brittany's Shore
Wildlife Service Dances With Wolves
Moscow's 'Theater Mecca' Is Alive and Well

Radically Awesome Leaps of Language
Budget Cuts Around the World Imperil Joint Missions in Space

Anne Frank, More Comprehensively
On the Military and the Media
Amtrak Versus USAIR Between N.Y. and Washington
Republican Cost-Cutters Track Amtrak
A Factory That Workers Helped Design
Life Is About More Than 'Being Digital'
Mideast Peace Glimmers
Riot Spotlights Turkey's Struggle With Rise of Fundamentalist Islam
News In Brief
Venezuela Banks Still Face Deficit of Trust
Custody Cases Test Attitudes Of Judges
S. America Border Talks Serves as Peaceful Model
US Scrambles To Find Signers For Nuclear Ban
An 'Invasion' by Hollywood, Microsoft Has Many Nations Trying to Fight Back
Israel's Window for Peace Is Closing Fast