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Monitor Archive for February 8, 1995

Allure of Rome's Runways Fades as Paris Prevails With World's Couturiers
The Finer Points of Pronouns
Divine Law Outlaws Uncertainty
A Dip in a Roman Rivulet
News In Brief
Hungarian Prime Minister Hits Privatization Brakes
Speaking of Pop Music Icons ...
Egypt, Wary of US, Tries To Assert Arab Interests
As Mexican Vote Nears, This Town is Oddly Quiet
Poland's Turmoil Threatens Constitution, Foreign Investment
European Art Returned in Industrial Quantities
CPB cuts will eliminate quality programming

Where'd You Learn To Whistle?
Jewish Settlements Take High Ground In Battle for Peace
Cities Dabble in Foreign Affairs
California's Latest Revolt: Affirmative Action Laws
A Close Encounter Of a US-Russian Kind
Showing Humanity Toward Pigs
Britain's Major Balks At Single-Currency Plan for Europe
Chinese Students Move From a Cave To New Classrooms
A Time Bomb in Croatia
UN and US Prepare For Chaotic Ending To Somalia Venture
Showing Humanity Toward Pigs
A UN Summit Aims for a New Deal on World Poverty
World's Forgotten Exiles
How Vietnam Shaped Warfare And a Generation of Army Brass
Soccer Without Violence
Fledgling Chicago Band Gets Boon From Renewed Interest in Blues
New Nation Buds In Africa's Horn
N.Y. Girds for Quake, Through Fault of Its Own
Britain Takes the Offensive In Wooing GOP Washington
White House Opens `Debate' With Congress On US Budget
Stolen Art As War Booty: Hostages Or Harbingers Of Peace?
No Need to Expand NATO
Israel's West Bank Settlers Dig In For Struggle to Keep Holy Land