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Monitor Archive for February 27, 1995

Local Officials Brace For Pentagon Cutbacks
A Flap Over Privatizing Foreign Aid
In Search of Honesty on Race
Satisfying Service
Off Broadway Serves Up Plays and Musical Comedies Both Sweet and Sour
News In Brief
'Publish or Perish' Becomes 'Teach or Perish'
Father-Son Distance Bridged By an EmbraceHL:
New Spy Game: All Eyes on Allies
Beam Us Up, G-7 Asks Private Info Enterprises
Ex-Communists, Back in Power, Give E. Europe a Shade of Pink
Entrepreneurial Spirit Sparks Teens' Success In Business
Mutual Respect Learned In the Hills of Greece
Orange County's New Rallying Cry: Slice Government Thinner
Drug Traffickers Lure Pill-Popping Public, Finds Global UN Study
Rethinking Government
As Dow Jones Heads Toward 5,000, Experts Warn of Bumps Along the Way
Some Lessons Learned In 76 Years of Investing
The Lessons of Somalia
Retreat From Somalia
A New Curtain Rises Behind Ex-Iron Curtain
Will Cash Carry Gramm Over the Top In '96 Race?
Marcos on the Internet

Democracy's 'Third Leg'