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Monitor Archive for December 5, 1995

When Kids Commit Genocide
News In Brief
Will US Fight Europe's Wars?

Chile's Military Fights to Keep Power; Wheels of Democracy Inch Forward
My Favorite Christmas Card
'Wild Bill' Reprises Gritty Old West
Galileo Set to Rendezvous With Jupiter and Moons
Asleep, You Are a River
Federal Pensions: Budget Solution
New Digital Phones May Foil Pirates, Lower Prices
For America's Future
In Bosnia, a US Mission Propped Up by Myths
An Evening of Poetry Leads to a Lifetime Love
Gravity's Slingshot Effect
A Little Romance on the Prairie
If Ambassadors Perform Poorly, Who'll Tell the President?
Perfect 'Great Debate' Candidate Bowed Out
Caterpillar Workers Crawl Back to Jobs
Index Funds Are for Those Happy With the Averages
A Texas Sneak Preview Of GOP '96 Campaign
Panning for Gold
Burma's Junta Keeps Feisty Lady in Waiting
US National Team Overwhelms the Competition
US Arsenal Blows Communism Away In East Europe Without Firing a Shot
Software Maximizes Recycling's Cost-Cutting Potential
States Try to Rewrite Crime & Punishment
Child Welfare and Privacy
Lenin's Eggheads Fry Under Capitalist Heat
From Border Patrol to Capitol Hill? Citizen Reyes Runs for Congress
Progress of the Asian Tigers
Vermont Turns to Community Justice