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Monitor Archive for December 29, 1995

Micro Lending Gains As Way Out of Welfare
A Caldron Like Korea Is the Real Threat to Vital US Security Interests
A Fiery Celebration Marks the New Year
Bob Dornan Live, on 'Free' Taxpayer TV
Order in the Classroom

At the Flicks

Cameron W. Barr, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
New Money for Micro Lenders
The Skillful Hunter Who Skied Out of a Storm
Chechen and Russian Fighters Feel Deja Vu in Renewed War

Thai Traffic Jams Find Their Dream Team
Measured Optimism
Tree Farms May Be One Environmental Step Forward, Two Back

A New Year's Poem
Discovery of a Bible Lifts Luther's Role For Germans Today
News In Brief
After High Expectations, a So-So Year For US-Latin America Relations
Peace in '95 Is Like Ice - Some Spots Are Bright, Others Thin
Retailers Flocked to Internet, But Where Were Shoppers?
'Affirmative Action' Coach Silences Critics by Winning
Blacks Open Homes to Foster Children
France Stakes Own Turf in NATO Even as It Acts With US in Bosnia

Festival Favorite 'Georgia' Finds Its Way To Multiplexes
Finding an Intersection Between Art and Business
Revolt in Review: What the 104th Congress Achieved
Holiday Spirit With a Somber Tone
A Year-End Peek At the World Economy
God's New Year
Tax Cuts May Shrink In Battle Over Budget
How 'Community' Defuses Racial Tension
Period Movies Savor Romance and Morality To Audience Applause