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Monitor Archive for December 28, 1995

South Asia Plays With Atomic Fire
The Mystery Woman Kept Walking
Israel's Democracy Rubs Off on Palestinians

News In Brief
Ranger Revives 'Death Valley Scotty'
All That's Missing Is a Flying Buttress
There's No Need To Be Cynical
Japanese Stock Index Soars Past 20,000 Mark
Soaked in a Rainstorm But Undampened in Spirits
Consumer Debt Could Slow 1996 Economic Engine
Death Valley: 'Ground Afire'
In High-Tech Age, the Classic Fountain Pen Enjoys Revival
Tracing Liberal Woes To '65 Immigration Act
Toward a Century of Peace
Child-Support Crackdown

Japan's Political Puppeteer Hits Stage in a Starring Role
India Points Finger at Pakistan in Mystery Arms Drop

A Lesson in Holiday Charitable Giving Gone Amiss
Making the Grade Only Gets You a Foot in Corporate Door
Federal Budget Warriors Ready to Rejoin the Battle
Mushrooms Sprout in Russian Life and Culture

Winter, Ripening
Computers Move Closer To Checkmating Humans
Educational Options