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Monitor Archive for December 26, 1995

Fuel for the Needy
S. Africa's Crime Wave
The Temporary Turtle That Refused to Be Boxed In
Pakistan Cracks Down On Foreign Islamists After Embassy Attack
Unsettled Budget Leaves State Plans On Shaky Ground
In Russia, It's Not So Much Who Wins as How You Vote
Photographer's Final Journey In Indochina
Factory-Built Housing Booms On Low Costs
'No Nukes in Our Backyard' Stance By Southeast Asia Riles US, China
World Aid Groups Snuggle Up to the Camera

In Adopting Black Babies, Whites 'Become African'

News In Brief
Do You Really Want To Do That?
The Greatest Gifts They'd Ever Given
Exhibit Brouhaha
Home Sales Boom In 'Murphy Brown' Segment of Market
Stanford Theater: Race Relations 101
Urgent: Reform Bilingual Education
Dayton Accord's Dangerous Dueling Missions
Can Alexander Sing Comeback-Kid Tune?

1996: Looking Good for Markets
Poetry Needs Nurturing
US Troops in Bosnia Depend On Array of High-Tech Eyes, Ears