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Monitor Archive for December 20, 1995

. . . And in Israel
Christmas Past Meets the Age Of Cyberspace
The Christmas Star
News In Brief

Retaliation in Rwanda
A President's Prayer for Peace Strengthens Hearts in Ulster
Leave It To Books To Spark Imagination
No Home for the Holidays: Plight of Homeless Families

South Africa's Blacks Switch From Protests to Business
US Policy Should Refocus On Strategic North Africa
Next Act of Greek Political Drama Unwritten as Titan Exits Stage
Economic Stability Reduces Dollar's Role in Brazil . . .
'Nixon' Paints Dual Portrait
World Makes The US Dollar Go 'Round
Dealing with China
Novelist's Wry Wit Inhabits Latest Essays

Watching Where You Step On-Line
Texas Caps Fees For Lawyers Who Help Death-Row Inmates
Northeastern Cities Dig Out and Dig Deep
Giving the Gift of Friendship
Foreign-Affairs Follies
Ghana Seen as Showcase For Africa - in a Manner
Malls Put Scrooge-like Squeeze On Salvation Army Collections

US-Trained Police Put to Test
A Day Full of Memory and Meaning
Peace in Bosnia Hinges On Postwar Rebuilding
Preval Is No Aristide, But That May Help Haiti's Democracy
A New Star Rises Over Bethlehem: Rule by Palestinians
Homeless Gain Sympathy, but Lose Support
Perot's Reform Party Stumbles in Ohio
Canada's Teflon Leader Finds Criticism Sticking