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Monitor Archive for December 13, 1995

Are Embassies Necessary?
Congress Tiptoes Into Delicate Issue Of Dispatching GIs
Are There Limits?
Coin for Europe's Realm Tarnishes in Paris Streets
Access Is Issue for California's Mojave Preserve
Dissident's Trial Signals Great Leap Backward
Jackson Returns to PUSH For Higher Political Profile
As Capital Goes Global, Investors Make Policy
Europe's Priority Tasks
Neighbors Vie to Sway Afghanistan, Strategically Sandwiched by Them
Democracy in S. Korea
Black-Owned Businesses Rise, Aid Economy
Democracy in Russia: a Work in Progress
Guatemalans Fight For the Rule of Law
Human Rights Abuses Not Just Guatemala's Problem
White South Africans Learn Zulu - and Much More
A World War II Christmas
Rodeo Drive Discounts: Ties Drop to $100
US Troops Bivouac in Bosnia Mud
News In Brief
Dropouts Go Back to School In Cyberspace
The Christmas That Gave Us A Much-Loved Melody
Afrikaners Reflect On the End Of Apartheid
Japan's Shadow Shogun Hits the Election Spotlight
A Practical Christianity
Two Sides Dig in Over Key Union Vote

Tension Rises in Kosovo, Site Of Kickoff for Balkans War