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Monitor Archive for December 11, 1995

Children Find Bravery and Wisdom After a Brutal Little War
NASA's 'Mission to Planet Earth'

English Canada Ponders Future Sans Quebec
Anxious French Rulers See Protests Rise in Streets, Francs Sink in Banks
New England Bank Operates With Vault Full of Languages
A Little Less Canine Composure
Why Television Networks Want to Be Like CNN
A Way in the Storm

Cinema and Censorship
News In Brief

Japanese Electronics Giant Poised to Add a Few Jobs

For the Love of Movies
As Haiti Disbands Army, Soldiers Are Retooled For Scarce Civilian Jobs
Bill Bennett's Lessons On How to Be Good - One Story at a Time
Bay City Mayoral Vote: Italian vs. Birthday Suits
Fiery Attack on a Harlem Shop Highlights N.Y.C. Racial Tensions
Budget Fight: Principles More Than Dollars
Big Donors Try to Put Bosnia Together Again
A Politician's Yearning
The Dawn of Borderless Trucking
World Film Industry
Egypt Nears Twilight Zone After Undemocratic Elections
Key Win Over Rebels Leaves Sri Lanka Uneasy
winter words
Cross-Cultural Influences