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Monitor Archive for January 24, 1995

Why Congress Should Not Bail Out the Mexican Peso
In Crackdown on Corruption, A British Judge Sallies Forth
How Engineers Are Making Buildings More Quake-Proof
Overdoing Welfare Cuts
Clinton, Eye to Eye With GOP, Tries to Renew Presidency

For Climatologists, the Past Is The Key to Future Forecasting
Twyla Tharp's Vanguard Of New Dances In Brooklyn
How Virtual Reality Stacks Up With the Real Thing
Will a Kennedy Oppose Clinton In '96 Primaries?
KGB-Era Suspicions Lurk Within Russia's Refurbished Spy Agency
Dare We Doubt Evil?
An Actor Who Allows His Roles to Lead
Tighter US Laws Did Not Stop One Mexican Family Migration
As Unions Fight Irrelevance, Caterpillar Racks Up Profits
Mr. Christopher's View
Enjoying a harmonious moment
Lobbyists Wage a `War of Faxes' Over GOP Environmental Plans
How to Untangle The Long-Distance Phone-Pricing Knots
The Shadow Green
The French do it, so why can't we?
Limited Opportunities in Alaska
Majority backs abortion rights
World Climate, Past and Future: A Desktop View
Limited Opportunities in Alaska
Probing the Depths of a Cave-Art Discovery
Slovenians' identities misunderstood
Old Technology Takes on New Hues
Paintings That Reconnect With the Past
Burma Opposition Leader Denies Secret Junta Deal
True Privilege In the Face of Poverty
Cameroon Crooners Sing The Devaluation Blues
EU's Expansion Challenges Clout Of Core Members
Florida Court Looks Again At Racist Jury Comments
Five Basic Reforms Needed For CIA to Regain Credibility
Plan to Replace Striking Baseball Players Hits a Few Snags