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Monitor Archive for January 20, 1995

Management Guru Takes Pyramid Apart
Dodd Outlines His Plan to Revamp Badly Damaged Party
Your Guide to New England Weather ... or Not
Yeltsin's War That Was `Over' Persists
China Attempts To Redesign a People With Draconian Law
An Invitation to Sit in Some Soup
Japanese Quake Stirs Global Look At Design Weaknesses
Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia Goes on Despite Cease-Fire
Balanced Budget Could Shift Cost Burden to States
Rudolf Nureyev Wore That Jacket
The Museum as Cathedral: Modern Art's Latest Shrine
The Real Simpson Trial
Senate turns up heat on humanities
Sagan Looks to Space For Future Salvation
No More Anger
Words of Note
Defending the `L-Word'
Democrats Gagged on Gingrich Book Deal

Options beyond assisted suicides
Deeper Issue Underlies the Firing of the House Historian
Is Canada Dollar Dancing To a `Loonie' Tune?
Going Once, Going Twice ... Ringo Starr's '57 Bel Aire Coupe
Needed in Mexico: Not-for-Profit Politics
Jordan Backpedals to Win Back Arabs
Niners Play for History, Chargers for Respect
Mexicans See Ugly American In Conditions Set on Bailout
The Irrelevance of Ethnic Identity
Generosity strikes at Christmas
Sartorially Correct '90s Camper or Hiker Wears Soda Bottles
Flawed Federal Statistics Paint Confusing Economic Pictures
NAFTA Debate Resurrected In Light of US Bailout of Mexico
In Battle Over British Male-Only Clubs, Some Men Are Fighting to Admit Women
Trustees Helped Smooth the Transition to Larger Quarters
National Geographic Specials Migrate Back to Network TV
The Irrelevance of Ethnic Identity