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Monitor Archive for January 18, 1995

World War II Anniversary Serves Warning for Future
Deferring to Americans on the Train
China's Trade Ace: Deny US Big Three Access to Car Market
N.Y. Philharmonic's `Composer Week' Anchors New Work
Words of Note
What Happens When Conservatives Get Tough on Crime
Sing From Your Toes, And Smile!
Settlements and Peace - The Inevitable Conflict
No Exit From Love
Nomads and Farmers in Kenya War Over Increasingly Scarce Land
How the Favelas of Rio Sprouted: From a Tree To Hillside Shanties
Serbs as Self-Declared Bastions
Congress Takes Up Balanced Budget Bill
Framing a Century of American Change

Museum Glass Show
New Lords of the Slums
Budget Cut May Slow $50 Billion Cleanup Of US A-Bomb Waste
Japan Quake Devastates, Despite High Preparedness
A Victorian Lady and Her `Brazen' Work
Palestinian Authority Is Short on Real Power
An Orchestra Under Siege Falls Out of Aid Spotlight
Astronomers, Facing Less US Funding, Peer Through Glass Darkly
Cease-Fire May Bring Breather To Chechnya
US, Cuba Stanch the Refugee Flow
Little-Known Italian Painter's Art Shows an Empathy With Women